Sunday, November 29, 2009

Design and make a Traditional Christmas Wreath

In my last post I showed you how I constructed my modern Christmas wreath. I have also created a more traditional wreath for my formal living room - it is my 'Joy of Family' garland which features in my post on inspiration for wreaths. As I put it together, I took some shots to give you an idea of the process involved in making a more elaborate wreath.

It is assembled on a faux conifer wreath purchased from a craft store. The first step was to wind around a length of glittery Christmas tree beads around the garland. Small, green 'Granny Smith' apples are attached at regular intervals using the hot glue gun. I have also used limes, red apples and pomegranates - all faux. Fresh fruit would simply be too heavy for this wreath and rot very quickly in this hot, humid climate!

At the base of the wreath I glued on long cinnamon sticks, one large gold poinsettia and alongside it, more fruit and faux succulents. Green wired leaves are glued in behind the fruit and I also used a stem of faux berries in a mulberry shade. I always place on the larger features first, followed by the prominent design elements - which for this wreath is the set of tiny 'gold' picture frames which display black and white childhood photos of all the members of our family.

Here are some of the design details which were glued around one of the frames. A silver pine cone rose, gold and green ivy, tiny roses, a red cherry and a small ceramic teddy bear next to the frame which is to hold a picture of my baby due this Christmas season!

This wreath illustrates that you do not have to restrict your design to fruit and flowers, the Christmas tree decoration aisle at the department store may have sets of decorations which will give you an idea for a decorating theme which sets your wreath apart from the usual store bought wreaths which I have noticed this year are quite costly and have very few features apart from a few faux flowers, glittery pine cones and plastic berries.

Even if you do not have time this year to make a more elaborate wreath I hope that this post has offered some inspiration. From Boxing day onwards, all those wreath bases and Christmas tree decorations will go on sale and you may consider purchasing some to construct a wreath for next year. Gather dried natural materials in other seasons - pine cones, seed heads, sea shells, gum nuts and store them in readiness for next year.

If you would like a wreath to display this Christmas but have limited time in my next post, I will show you a 5 minute design idea for a 'bookshelf' wreath.

With Love and Joy,

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  1. That looks sooo beautiful and Natural.
    The idea of the little Frames and each having embellishing in Keeping with the Picture and who likes what is so special.
    Would you deconstuct this type and reuse or Keep it??
    It really looks so special.
    Must not be long till bub arrives now.??
    I still think of your post where rather than whine about night feeds you actually look forward to doing so by Christmas tree light....Beautiful image of a loving Mum


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