Monday, December 20, 2010

Handmade Christmas Crackers - Inspiration/Ideas

I have created this collage to show you the Christmas crackers or bon bons as they are also called, that I made last Christmas and the ones I have just put the finishing touches on for my table this Christmas season.

I had decided on a gold theme for the table taking my inspiration from a gold tablecloth purchased in a pre-Christmas sale. I found the glittery gold paper at a department store - it certainly has lots of sparkle but it was quite difficult to work with - a little too stiff for tying and crimping off the ends and the glitter drops everywhere! After making four gold crackers I decided to return to making the rest with my paper of choice - white crepe paper. The white vintage inspired crackers are my personal favourite. They are trimmed with vintage lace and grandmother's brooches - yes they really are grandmother's brooches (they belonged to my daughter's great grandmother). Each year I use them in some way to embellish a gift - a personal touch for what has become a family tradition!

After making the crackers for my family table I decided to experiment with some more creative ideas for crackers - something a little different to what I usually create. I've seen old maps in frames so why not use them to create an unusual vintage style cracker? This, I feel would suit a more rustic or even a modern Christmas table setting.

They would also make a great personalized gift for a friend from overseas. The cracker on the right is for a Samoan friend. I chose a more tropical style of flower to trim the bow. I know she prefers pastel shades so opted for lilac ribbon. I am so looking forward to giving her this when I see her later this week! All my crackers for this year contain wrapped chocolates plus a little extra gift of pretty hair clips for my twin girls. If you need directions for making your own Christmas crackers check out my post from last year which gives step by step instructions.

A set of the Pacific style crackers could be used to decorate an outside Christmas table. I'm thinking shells on the table, candles in glass hurricane glasses surrounded by coloured sand, a fresh orchid on each napkin. A Christmas picnic at the beach perhaps? If you live in the Southern hemisphere that is!

Hope you have enjoyed seeing my crackers/ bon bons for 2010. I look forward to showing you my Christmas table for this year sometime after the event!

Wishing you a blessed and beautiful Christmas.

With Love and Joy,


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  1. Hi Ann
    They look wonderful!
    I bought the "crackers" for the bon bons this year, but I forgot until I just read your post! I think the kids & I had better sit down & make some today!
    Have a wonderful Christmas


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